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14 Ridiculous Hookup Rules College Women Are Anticipated To Check Out

1. If you’re on your time period and/or have gotn’t bare, don’t also worry flirting.

Their intimidating menstrual aura and foot-long pubes are just unappealing.

2. All individual girls’ exes are actually off-limits.

That man exactly who out dated the Theta chairman twelve years ago? Yeah, OFF LIMITS (unless you're looking for the bitch-slapping ghouls of sororities teenagers past to bother your for the rest of your own instances).

3. waiting no less than several hours to content him (as well as the very least 2 times his own answer time for you to articles right back).

“Bitch, I most certainly will content one while you’re nonetheless inside me personally easily as if you that way. Ain’t no one had gotten enough time as well as the algebra methods for many this mathematics,” is actually a tempting reaction to this asinine tip.

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